Dreams of non linear time

I had a dream last night.

It dealt with linear and non-linear Time.


Suppose that our consciousness is located at the centre of a circle located in 2-D Space S1 that is subject to Time T1, which can be both positive (flowing towards the future) and negative (flowing towards the past, -T1).

If consciousness is dormant time goes on flowing linearly towards that direction, while intelligence is active. Intelligence is not allowed to shift to another timeline, while consciousness is. Every timeline has its own intelligence actuators which are subdued to their local elementary particles.

If consciousness is active it can jump to another Time T2, which can be on the same 2-D space S1, or to another Space S2. But intelligence maintains its perception of Space S1, so intelligence goes on living in Space S1, and when there is a (consciousness-driven) shift from Time T1 to Time T2 ,that intelligence (let’s call it: “local observer”) has the illusion that time is non-linear. If the local intelligence is not synchronized with consciousness, madness can suddenly emerge as soon as the shift is done.

There can be a number of timelines on the sphere, which are separated from each other by an angle which can acquire only quantized values on the same 2-D plane or by an angle which can acquire only quantized values on a 3-D volume passing from Space S1 to Space S2 which is definable using spherical trigonometry.

The process of shifting from a timeline to another is called “T-Dissociation” and it is analogue to the Excitation process when an electron jumps from an energetic level to another inside the atom. The process of shifting from a timeline TN to zero timeline is called “T-Annihilation” and it is analogue to the Ionization process when an electron goes out of the atom.

At this point intelligence (local and causal) is idle while consciousness (non-local and a-causal) lives inside a point that is out of space and time. In its reference frame all time events in all dimensions are linked by quantum entanglement: this cannot bring any information to the intelligence whose observer is dumb, due to the collapse of the wave function during the measurement process. But that information can be acquired by consciousness.

Consciousness is the way in which the universe as a whole perceives itself instantly.

Intelligence is the way in which matter can be perceived locally and it is subdue to space and time.

The T-Dissociation process can occur not only in the same space domain but also from a space domain to another. In this case it is a TS-Dissociation process. All the time possibilities are represented by a discrete spectrum which can acquire only quantized values represented by the angles between timelines that exist both in the same space (2-D shift) and in different spaces (3-D shift). When all this is seen from the consciousness’ reference frame we have a continuum spectrum of pure “spacetime light”.

If the angle is 180° the transition goes to negative time (the past), and this can happen within a quantized dominion of the same space (2-D process) or within a quantized dominion of different spaces (3-D process). Every point within the same space (starting from the S1 starting point) is called a “2-D Dimension”, while every point within two different space domains is called a “3-D Dimension”.

In reality the sphere is only an example in order to visualize what happens when non-linear time is experienced. In fact the sphere is a hyper-sphere in a Kalabi-Yau space, which can acquire at least 11 possible dimensions (according to superstring theory), while spaces are just branes.

Relatively to a given space dimension time can be only linear. But time is perceived as non-linear relatively to the observer living in that space dimension, namely when his intelligence goes on living in that space domain while his consciousness has jumped elsewhere. This mechanism is called “T Refraction”, analogous to the refraction phenomenon with a light beam. The light beam is always straight but it appears to be deflected or curved to an observer due to a refracting medium such as glass or dense air.

What happens between two quantum T and S states? It is the equivalent of the “absolute elsewhere” of the Minkowski diagram (whose main time axis represents two opposite inverted cones representing the absolute future and the absolute past), which can be experienced when intelligence is dormant and consciousness is active. But if intelligence wakes up too early madness in several forms can occur, especially schizophrenia. The absolute elsewhere is a projection towards the infinite coming from the centre of the sphere.

This mechanism in its variants might explain (very qualitatively, so far) precognition, remote viewing and bilocation.

What happens to matter and energy associated with this process? Matter/energy and intelligence are strictly related: in fact it is the only realm where intelligence is active. Each dimension of space is filled with elementary particles of the same kind, where consciousness can engage. There are many copies of us everywhere, where the same physical laws are operational. But there can also be universes that follow different physical laws and constants, and with different particles. There is a multidimensional universe inside a multiverse, which is made of many spheres.

Consciousness is not allowed to shift from a universe to another, unless some external factor, such as death, does it.

This was only a dream that wanted to challenge me. Thank you, David.

This is obviously still a very confused, naive and unfocused picture, but a work *might be* in progress somewhere in the short-term future