Links Of Interest


University of Bologna


The Galileo Project

National Institute Of Astrophysics  – INAF

SETI Institute

The European Space Agency -ESA

National Aeronautics and Space Administration – NASA


Kingsland Observatory

Jacques Vallee 

Universo Astronomia

James Bunnell – Marfa Lights Research

NARCAP – National Aviation Reporting Centre on Anomalous Phenomenon

Project Hessdalen


Project UAP Italia

45 ° GRU UAP Research Group (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) of Polesine

UFODATA Project 

SCU – Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies

Electronic Music

Totemtag on Bandcamp

Totemtag on Synth Music Direct


Artists United For Animals

Liminal Analytics: Psi in the News

Radio Misterioso

Shattered Reality

Out Of My Mind’s Eye