One More Experiment at Skinwalker Ranch?


For quite a long time I have been following with interest the anomalies that are allegedly reported at the Skinwalker Ranch, located in the Uintah Basin, Utah, USA. This place has been repeatedly investigated by at least two research groups during the last 20 years, after funding was given first by Robert Bigelow and then (presently) by Brandon Fugal.

The location is famous due to weird phenomena occurring in the area, characterized by paranormal activity, cattle mutilation, UFO sightings, and even sightings of strange beings. Recently there has been much controversy going on regarding the origin of such manifestations.

The area is presently monitored by a research group financed by Mr. Fugal, in the attempt to shed light on what is going on there. A TV reality show titled “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” is currently documenting or reproducing a series of scientific experiments that are carried out by researchers there, which include continuous videoing of the area around the ranch, monitoring of the electromagnetic spectrum in a wide range of frequencies (in particular: VLF/ELF, Infrared, Microwave), monitoring of electric and magnetic field disturbances, measuring radioactivity, ground penetrating radar, “biosensors” (such as mammals), drones, balloons and rockets equipped with sensors.

In one of the episodes the research group, led by Dr. Travis Taylor, using electromagnetic monitoring and triangulation from different spots around the ranch discovered that strong disturbances seem to come from a particular sector of the sky.

Several (more or less sci-fi-like) speculations have been ventured regarding the possibility that the area might work like a “portal” from another world or dimension. More technically this quite exotic possibility takes the name of a so-called “wormhole”. Field equations by Einstein and Rosen show that in particular circumstances a wormhole is traversable, if its mouth can be kept open for a sufficiently long time, due to the availability of an enormous quantity of “negative energy”. Like in the case of black holes, around the mouth of a wormhole a photon sphere is expected to be formed, namely light is bent in a circle at a very specific horizon. It is expected that a light beam can be partially bent also, before the photon sphere is reached.

Assuming that this possibility is realized over the sky of Skinwalker Ranch, I honestly think that a new test might be attempted using a powerful Laser beam aimed at the sky at night, precisely inside an error box around the possible source of the electromagnetic disturbance. The sky should be scanned close to that point using a resolution of less than an arcsecond, in order to search for a possible deflection of the beam or even its sudden disappearance. Moreover the operation should be repeated many times during a single night, and during several days, months and years in order to verify if the phenomenon is transient (as might be expected) or persistent at the same position in the sky, or if the gravitational bending source is moving in the sky.

A measurement of the deflection angle of the laser beam might help physicists to measure some physical parameters that are theoretically predicted for a wormhole, assuming that a wormhole can be formed inside our atmosphere (naturally or artificially).

One more experiment could involve the monitoring of the star positions in the sky. If some stars in a specific star field are suddenly displaced or even their light subject to amplification we might be looking at a gravitational lensing effect. Of course also using this way we might deduce some physical parameters of an alleged wormhole.

Proposed experiment using a laser beam:

  1. Scanning of the sky with a resolution of one arcsecond or less, aiming at the alleged source of the previously measured electromagnetic disturbance, using an automated mode for a period of time of one or more nights.
  2. Simultaneous high-resolution videoing of the beam and its possible deflection, and its variation in time.
  3. Theoretical calculations on the obtained measurements.

Proposed experiment monitoring star displacements due to possible gravitational lensing:

  1. Continuous high-resolution video monitoring of the sky, aiming at the alleged source of the previously measured electromagnetic disturbance, during a period of time of one or more nights.
  2. Theoretical calculations on the obtained measurements, regarding in particular possible star position displacements and starlight amplification.

Clearly this is just a very rough idea regarding measurements which could be maybe crucial in order to verify if the sky over the Skinwalker Ranch is subject to this kind of physical relativistic effects.

I discussed something of this in a short technical paper (at page 36: Test 4) which – just for fun – I published 20 years ago, titled:

Physical data acquisition and analysis of possible flying extraterrestrial probes by using opto-electronic devices 

In this paper also I stress the importance of measuring anomalous light phenomena in the sky using astrophysics-like photometric and spectroscopic techniques in order to derive important physical parameters and their possible variation with time.

No doubt that science can potentially furnish at least a shadow of an answer to what is really going on at Skinwalker Ranch, in a reasoned way, whatever the origin of the phenomenon may be.

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