Plasma Life Forms?

The elaboration of such an exotic hypothesis dates back to 2007, with an important technical paper published by Tsytovich et al. on the New Journal of Physics, where after doing numerical simulations they found that under certain conditions plasma – in form of so called “plasma crystals” – can behave like DNA.

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Scientific Investigation of UAP

UAP phenomena can be many things: fakes and hoaxes, unknown natural phenomena, secret human technology or even visitation from an exo-intelligence. Physical science can provide the means to identify the nature of the observed phenomenon and to quantitatively understand the physical mechanism behind it.

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I am quite heavily involved in the so called “UFO” stuff for at least 25 years, in the form of a research that is parallel to more canonic studies of physics and astronomy. I know that some anomalies do exist and I stress the importance of studying this problem scientifically.


What if Something Approaches the Solar System?

Standard SETI Project regards the search for extraterrestrial intelligence directly from planets of other stars using radio and optical observational techniques coupled with multichannel spectrum analyzers and powerful algorithms potentially able to decode intelligent signals. Apart from some false alarms, during the last 50 years nothing reliable has been found yet. The SETI Project doesn’t consider the possibility that other civilizations might reach us directly and that astrophysical techniques can verify if this hypothesis is true or not.

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