Project Hessdalen


Many of you will be familiar with Project Hessdalen in Norway and my previous involvement through the EMBLA missions. I am currently very happy to announce a relaunching of the project thanks to the competence, courage, determination and foresight of a few Norwegian pioneers and some international scientists. This is where I will be placing much of my scientific focus.

We already know what we are going to do, in order to make this project evolve, when new funding will be available. Private donors as well as the European Research Council (ERC) are invited to ponder the importance of this research for fundamental physics, where scientific methodology and rigour must be matched with a healthy open mind.

We are here to learn something new.As the scientist responsible for the research team of Project Hessdalen, this paper represents my vision on how we should proceed in order to make this research evolve vertically.

In order to be able to drive a supercar we don’t only need the car but also the gasoline to drive it.