I am quite heavily involved in the so called “UFO” stuff since at least 25 years, in form of a research that is parallel to more canonical studies of physics and astronomy. I know that some anomalies do exist and I stress the importance of studying this problem scientifically, especially when measurement instruments are used (as it already happened at areas of recurrence). This is my way:

Instrumented Monitoring of Aerial Anomalies – A Scientific Approach to the Investigation On Anomalous Atmospheric Light Phenomena

For some years I am studying the problem behind totally closed doors. I don’t want that this important research (which involves other scientists and scholars, much using an interdisciplinary way) is infected by the toxins of nutters and of the stars of the UFO Circus.

While someone (just a dozen, maybe) attempts to study The Signal (when and if it ever exists), someone else (many thousands) do any best effort to build up The Noise by spreading fakes, hoaxes, inflated egos, beliefs, pseudoscience, cranks, charlatans, sex maniacs, psychopaths, mind manipulation, exploitation, defamation, new religions, quantum quackery, conspiracy theories, and much more than that.

The point here is that those who search for The Signal earn no money in this (a plain zero), while those who spread The Noise very often do (in several ways, which I know). How can these guys believe in “space brothers” when their behaviour is totally unethical in addition to unscientific? And, above all, how can we get rid of all this shit? How long should our society be deceived that way?

In fact such a Noise is not really shit, it is Poison. It is the ideal method to destroy minds and psyche consisting just in administering this Poison to the masses, taking advantage of the sense of spiritual emptiness of the society of today.

Who does remotely control such Drones?

Some government to hypnotize unhappy citizens giving them easy dreams to govern them more easily?

Or the phenomenon itself (just speaking in Valleean terms) to use an optimum way to hide itself better ?

The second option lets me sometimes think that, in addition to the true Signal, we should study better the Noise, not only just IFO identifications and unmasking of hoaxes but also verify (in a bird flight-like way) if the general pattern shows some kind of (dark or not) *Grand Design* created by some form of intelligence in order to deceive us due to a reason that we do not know yet.

Twenty years ago I didn’t know well a certain UFO-author before and bought his book due to mere curiosity. That book, well written per se, tells all and proves nothing. So, together with other 5000 books of my collection, it will be an excellent new candidate for a Celtic-like Fire in the wood during Samhain. My ethics tells me that I would never sell those books. At least carbon dioxide is less polluting.

I maintain some 30 UFO books because they are of some value, and finally after making a lot of free space I will find out space to put my next synth in my office-room.

Meanwhile I will be so happy to be called a “debunker” (but not at all of CSICOPian style, in fact I am not an alternative believer), so I can work in peace together with the humble scholars whom I admire, and without inappropriate exploitation of my research.

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