UFO Magic


A frame from the U.S. Navy’s video of an unidentified aerial phenomena

“Technology from alien beings who are far more advanced than us would appear “Magic” to us” – This is the most common phrase that we hear in the standard SETI corridors. I must admit that up to five years ago I also used it in some of my technical articles.

Do I still believe in this? Maybe. But in the last years some doubts have increasingly come about.

First of all, do we really need to search for “new laws of physics”? Since Galileo – except for some apparent “anomalies” like those represented by dark matter and dark energy – we have never observed in the Universe strange violations of the laws of physics. The Universe obeys to the same physics laws everywhere, from here to its extreme edges. An exploding firework launched in our sky and a jet of high energy particles ejected impulsively from the central black hole of a quasar obey to the same laws of physics. Only the amount of energy can drastically change.

Four hundred years ago – after strange Aristotelic ideas about the laws of nature were roaming around for a long time – Newton discovered the effect of the gravitational force and three hundred years later Einstein discovered the geometrodynamic nature of this force. But the effect didn’t change at all; we just learnt better to heal our ignorance. At the end it is exactly the same physical law about gravitation. This law is valid everywhere in the Universe. And it remains valid even if our technology allows us to oppose this law in order to fly with an airplane or to be launched with a rocket, but we do this simply using an opposite force according to the (elementary and well known since 400 years) third principle of dynamics.

Therefore what happens when a flying body is subject to sudden accelerations, extremely high speed (sometimes almost instantaneous), right angle turns, sudden vertical lift up, sudden appearance and disappearance, splitting in two or more parts, shape shifting, penetration of water without creating waves around, and even more. In fact these are some of the most striking manifestations produced by so-called UFOs (or UAPs) of which there is a quite abundant statistics based on witnesses and sometimes on videos too.

US Navy’s F-18E pilots, with their notorious “Tic-Tac case” have shown to the world videos taken by their fighter’s targeting pod where these elusive objects manifest extremely high speed. If one of our airplanes had to do the same they would be torn apart almost immediately and anyway its pilots would be smashed inside before this happens. Legendary reconnaissance aircraft SR-71 Blackbird was able to overcome at least three times the sound barrier, thanks to particular materials of its structure – such as Titanium – able to resist to attrition-induced temperatures of up to 500 °C; otherwise it would have exploded due to overheating.

UFOs have been seen flying inside our atmosphere at a speed that is at least ten times the one of the sound, and yet they do not take fire or are affected in their regime of motion. We might think of special materials or metal alloys – so far unknown to us – able to resist to high temperatures and to high mechanical pressure.

People abuse the term “antigravity” in order to explain the way in which these unidentified machines fly. What does it mean exactly? I can imagine a force that is able to oppose to gravity, and if – as it seems from practically all sightings – UFOs do not use any known propulsion system, then we are tempted to think that the only way to obtain this result is to develop an enormous magnetic field.

But this requires a huge electrical field obtained using currents that are over one million Volt. In order to obtain this we need a super powerful dynamo, which would be several tons heavy and clearly made by particular superconducting materials in order to avoid the electrical resistance effect which would make this machine explode in the air due to extreme temperatures. How is it possible that a dynamo of such huge weight is contained inside a volume of only two meters (for instance)? This “aircraft” would fall like an iron balloon and it wouldn’t even take off, unless we are able to use a magnetic field of thousands Teslas.

And yet if this toy is able to make right angle turns one wonders why it doesn’t break in hundred pieces?

Otherwise, more exotically, I might think that these machines use the so-called “negative energy”, extracted from the quantum vacuum, in order to warp spacetime. Yet an enormous amount of this energy is needed for this and I have no idea how such a little thing can do all that. Of course I am speaking of the “flight” of these things in our atmosphere, not of their interstellar travel, if this is really the case and not the product of strange deception artifacts (hologram?) by some of our military and their strategies for a possible psychological warfare.

Are “they” really using the known laws of physics in order to do what they do? What instead if they are simply violating them?

Cartesian science – which indeed is a good science – says that the laws of physics cannot be violated and above all that such laws involve only matter and energy as we know them (and we know them extremely well). Mind and consciousness cannot interact: “res extensa” (matter) and “res cogitans” (mind) are two totally separated entities according to Cartesius. This paradigm didn’t change at all in about four centuries, and Cartesius constitutes one of the basic pillars of our fundamental science. And that is not that bad, apparently.

Is there anything else that our science didn’t take into account, when we have to deal with elusive flying objects such as “UFO”s? I mean “true ones” (if they ever exist), and not all the fakes and hoaxes that have been spread around about them.

But I am a maverick and sometimes, although loving Science, I love to ask strange questions – with no shame – because curiosity goes beyond political correctness in my ambient. So let’s start.

How is a fakir able to levitate his body, when he doesn’t trick us? How is a Filipino healer able to penetrate a body – when he doesn’t cheat us – using a hand without causing any real wound? Do they really use a physical force in order to do all this? Or maybe their mind (or consciousness, more probably) is able to do this?

Assuming that all fakes can be ruled out, should we really search for “new laws of physics” in order to explain these anomalies? Instead, why not investigate if the mind of someone is able to violate the (very well known and understood) laws of physics?

I am starting to have doubts on the completeness of Cartesius’ method in order to know how all the stuff works, although it is correct per se. And I am wondering if we have disregarded (or forgotten?) something regarding the intimate nature of the Universe, the birth of which through the Big Bang was apparently magical per se.

Although someone might be able to use her/his mental potential instinctively, one thing is sure: we don’t know yet how consciousness really works and how and if it is able to interact with matter by suspending the laws that govern it. Once we are able to unmask all the cheaters, evidence remains: mind-matter interaction transiently occurs.

Let’s now try to figure out someone elsewhere who is thousands or millions years more advanced than us. First of all what does “more advanced” means? He cannot be so much more advanced than us in the knowledge of the laws of physics, as we know already much, if not all, of this; certainly he can be far more advanced than us in technology. Strangely, I expect that this possible civilization is more advanced than us also due to its knowledge on what consciousness is and on how it can be used to do things, in particular the suspension of the laws of physics. Maybe they have learnt the connection between consciousness, quantum vacuum and spacetime, and on the way to create, manipulate or destroy matter. After all what caused the birth of the Universe from an apparent nothingness? Maybe this is just an instinctive knowledge, just like being able to ski down a mountain or to swim without drowning. But what if this knowledge is subdued to a form of technology?

I imagine a “vehicle” with a being inside, and all of a sudden this vehicle starts to fly and to do mad things in our skies. And it couldn’t do that without a pilot – I might guess – if my hypothesis is correct.

Sometimes I feel that the UFO study is a taboo like sex was up to 60 years ago. That meant that due to some reason someone on the higher spheres didn’t want to accept what is the most natural and healthy act, born from an instinct that is healthy as well. Maybe mind-matter interaction is simply an instinct, strictly linked to Life, and someone elsewhere who loved the substance of things out of any bigotry found out a way to augment the thing using a particular technology. Consciousness-assisted aerodyne?

There is no doubt that acquiring scientific data (Cartesian, BTW) on UFO phenomena – typically using VLF-ELF, optical, IR, UV and microwave spectrometers, magnetometers, high-speed cameras and probably something else too – will help us to see how our atmosphere is affected by these aerial objects and how they change their regime of motion and of emitted radiation. I am anyway afraid that if we do not activate “another antenna” in order to try to control something that seems unpredictable, we will only scratch the tip of an iceberg and leave this high strangeness (ie: the rest of the iceberg) in the hands of unscrupulous paragnosts or maybe new religions.

Probably a sort of quantum leap is necessary in the way in which we perceive and/or manipulate reality and maybe what we call “UFO”s appear with the scope of awakening or activating something inside us, in order to accelerate our evolution.

This possible radical change will not affect at all our Science, which will remain valid. It will not change at all our rational aptitude in solving problems, and the floor will never fall under the feet of scientists, as well as it will never erase the value of the historical discoveries of science.

It maybe will help to revisit – humbly – what once was the universe of a Witch. And high-tech might do the rest.