CAIPAN 2014 CNES-GEIPAN Scientific Workshop in Paris

Some photos of Massimo at the July 2014 CNES-GEIPAN Workshop in Paris. Technical papers linked below.


“Philippe Ailleris, Project Controller of ESA and Director of the UAP Reporting Scheme gently took some photos of me during my presentation at the CAIPAN 2014 CNES-GEIPAN Scientific Workshop in Paris. Philippe did a very nice presentation too.

We enjoyed the presentations. And I was very happy to meet with my old friends and colleagues, in particular Prof. Erling Strand & Prof. Bjørn Gitle Hauge of Project Hessdalen, Dr. Richard Haines of NARCAP, Nico Conti of CIPH/SOSO. I was also very honoured to meet with famous scientist Dr. Jacques Vallee, with whom I had a very interesting talk about methodology. And happy to have discussed my work with some of the CNES scientists.

It is my hope to attend another workshop of that level of seriousness and scientific rigour in the near future.

Thank you engineer Xavier Passot for perfect organization!”

Update July 2020:

We have worked so much in this field, and detailed research projects have been ready for the last 10 years. What we require now is funding. Imagine what knowledge awaits us.

Technical Papers related to this scientific initiative.

A strategic “viewfinder” for SETI research

Search for high-proper motion objects with infrared excess

An Alternative Method for the Scientific Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life:’The Local SETI’

Instrumented Monitoring of Aerial Anomalies – A Scientific Approach to the Investigation On Anomalous Atmospheric Light Phenomena

Scientific Inquiry on Anomalous Atmospheric Light Phenomena: Past Research Gaps and New Methodological Goals

A Comparative Analytical and Observational Study of North American Databases on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Project for a network of automatic stations for UFO monitoring