Information Tech and the Nature of Consciousness


I have been doing hard science for at least 30 years, specifically astrophysics. In a parallel way I have used the same methods to explore anomalous phenomena, such as strange lights in the sky.

In the last 15 years I started to wonder about the mechanism of consciousness and how or if physics can help to understand it.

I believe what we call a soul is a physical-informational and non-transcendent entity which, in the form of a branch of a global quantum potential, can manifest itself as “consciousness” in any body that has characteristics of quantum coherence. Without any form of body made of matter there can be no consciousness, in the sense of self-awareness. However, it is possible that all the information collected by the soul is constantly stored in a non-local way, even in the absence of a body that explores it.

The role of the soul can therefore be understood as the terminal of a large “supercomputer” and is twofold: a) Operating as software of hardware called “body”
b) Collect pure information, coming from both intelligence and emotions. This information is also “loaded” on a “hard disc” located in the quantum vacuum at the Planck scale (10 ^ -33 cm).

How does the mechanism work? All thoughts and emotions are constantly “uploaded” non-locally by each individual soul as on a website, thanks to the existence of a universal server.

Where does this process take place? I believe in the quantum vacuum present within the atoms of our body.

All the atoms of matter are above all made of pure vacuum, in which protons, neutrons and electrons are immersed. If we assume that this void is the seat of “universal consciousness” then any information coming from us must then be transferred to that area to be stored there precisely through an “upload” process, being instantly transmitted to what is in fact a “Great Library “.

This library is not located in a specific place, but is found everywhere in the Universe, right inside the quantum void itself, and all the atoms of the Universe are immersed in it. Here the hypothesis consists in the fact that the void can contain (or is itself) the memory of everything that has been thought or felt during all the conscious life paths that have taken place in the Universe, operating precisely as a quantum supercomputer that stores any information collected by living beings.

All this information can also be “downloaded”.

Differently from the bits that is used in classical computing, the storage and data processing takes place through the logical modulation of the “down” and “up” parts of the quantum foam, which is made of virtual particles that are born and die continuously.

This universe is real and is not an illusion, and was born by pure chance and without teleological purposes in my opinion.

It may have been “perfected” by an intelligence inconceivable to us, which is not a “god”, in order to keep track of everything experienced by living creatures endowed with intelligence and consciousness. To this end, this supernal intelligence may have built a functioning “supercomputer” with non-local data transmission. The mechanism would work in such a way that these data are instantly transmitted to the virtual particles of the vacuum inside the atoms of our body.

Based on the intrinsic quantum entanglement properties of the spacetime container of that “void”, the information absorbed by the virtual particles would be instantly transmitted to any other virtual particle existing in the global spacetime as a whole. Considering this hypothesis, the universe would be an immense quantum computer that continuously collects and processes all the information acquired, which then remains available to any sentient being according to a “download” procedure directly via the mind. The information is downloaded through images or “icons” that once unpacked (or unzipped) are transmitted to the brain as additional baggage: in essence it would be like running an EXE file through each of these icons, which in our mind appear to us as images of something, but which are not the real information but only an iconic symbol to be unpacked.

When the download takes place, information is also uploaded based on an endless mechanism. Purpose of all this? In order to make sure that the content of consciousness of the sentient Universe is increased, perfected and elevated according to a mechanism that works in the opposite way to entropy in the realm of matter.

In essence, these “supernals” wanted to engineer the information content of the consciousness of the Universe in order to increase it. Final purpose: the creation of God/Goddess. Therefore life, whatever its experience makes sense, regardless of whether the Universe, much like many other Universes were born by pure chance as a quantum fluctuation.

Somehow I “know” that all of this is true, just as I know very well that there is still no scientific proof of this. But I do think that this will be demonstratable at some point. So for the moment let’s take it as science fiction, perhaps with the same spirit with which Jules Verne wrote “targeted science fiction” a century and a half ago and, why not, also with the same spirit with which the ancient Indians (of India) felt within oneself the existence of what they called “Akasha. ”

For now this is obviously speculation, and I speak very extensively about it in my book The Hyperspace of Consciousness where there is also a lot of talk about the process of creating matter from nothing, extraterrestrial intelligence, “life after death” and various other somewhat controversial themes.

During the past few years I have been thinking a lot about these issues, and I expressed these ideas through electronic music in my album entitled Entangled Spaces  which is available on Bandcamp through the link. Please feel free to listen, share, and purchase your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

My wife Susan Demeter has recorded an audio essay on a similar theme entitled The Grand Cloud: Life, the Universe, and Everything, and where it might be stored, which includes references to Jacques Vallee and myself.