Towards Proxima B


My second album, Towards Proxima-B, which is published on Bandcamp, is an original sci-fi story that is expressed through electronic music.

In the short-term future, maybe in 10 years, a group of SETI scientists using SKA radiotelescope antennas detect intelligent signals coming from the system of multiple star Alpha Centauri, that is 4.4 light years away from Earth. Afterwards an optical-infrared space interferometer is able to locate the source of the signal on exoplanet Proxima-B, which was discovered 20 years before, and whose surface shows some luminous spots.

Thirty years later, scientists on Earth are able to build a warpdrive spacecraft, which they will soon send to Proxima-B. After travelling for a number of weeks the spacecraft, with 12 astronauts aboard, reaches the planet: at that point it releases from orbit a shuttle-lander, which lands on the surface.

A small base camp is build, and their exploration begins.

Flying drones are extensively used together with a little manned shuttle. Awesome nature is found there, and spectacular sunrises and sunsets are seen. At some point, an intelligent, shy human-like, peaceful civilization is found, where advanced technology is harmonized with a total respect for nature.

However, those beings are not the only ones inhabiting Proxima-B. Other ones live a few kilometers under the surface of the planet, inside gigantic perfectly polished caves. After a preliminary exploration using the drone-copters, a mission of reckless explorers wearing wing-suits and rear rockets are able to reach this subterranean habitat by passing through a giant hole in the ground. Like children looking through a keyhole they discover a hyper technological, very shady, non-human civilization. They decide it’s better to go away from there as soon as possible, and not risk discovery.

After facing many risks, they manage to make it back to the surface. They pack up their base camp, collecting all their instruments, and many data, and reach the big spacecraft in orbit, from where they head back to Earth.

Let the music take you on their journey, and your imagination participate in this adventure.

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