Crazy Thoughts About UFO Research


Every once in a while we have to be crazy, or move effortlessly from a structure to a non-structure, standing with one foot in both worlds.  The road to “ultimate truth” is extremely paved. Perhaps this is the destiny of those who feel intimately part of an immeasurable whole, and that every now and then, despite being markedly structured, wants to have fun by not being so, for a few moments.

It all starts with a totally canonical research procedure in order to study strange non-canonical phenomena, that are seen in the sky, and that starts from point A to get to point E.  Up until point E  it’s all right, and rational.

From point F onwards, madness inevitably begins, for those who do not have strong nerves and a spiked soul.

Here is the canonical procedure a scientist would follow according to logic and experimental method:
A) The Engineer supplies and chooses the systems, and eventually designs systems specifically dedicated for:
• Discovery of the luminous phenomenon >> radar, radiometer
• Measurement of the luminous phenomenon >> multi-wavelength sensors and analyzers.
B) The Computer Scientist supplies and chooses the software, and eventually designs software specifically dedicated for:
• Automating systems
• Interfacing the various systems together
• Managing the acquired data
• Depositing data on Internet websites
C) The Astronomer aims at measuring and analyzing the radiation emitted by the luminous phenomenon. In particular this works for:
• Definition of the physical parameters to be measured
• Strategy for data acquisition
• Data processing and analysis
• Identification of the radiation mechanism
• Search for time correlation between physical parameters
• Search for periodic events
• Construction of a statistically significant database
D) The Theoretical Physicist and the Astronomer together construct a self-consistent model of the observed phenomenon >> Physical Law
A historical example: The study of the periodicity with which the the light of some stars varies (Cepheids) led to the discovery of the physical mechanism that governs the pulsating stars >> Period-density Law
E) The Experimental Physicist attempts to reproduce the observed phenomenon in the laboratory once the Physical Law is known

At this point the  human aspect begins and dramatic difficulties can arise.

F) The psychologist and the sociologist carefully study the witness of a certain type of phenomenon
• Are the witness and the phenomenon interacting?
• Does the phenomenon ever occur in the absence of people?

If not, then the luminous phenomenon is not an independent event, but is caused and/or invoked and/or attracted by human beings because of “laws” that we do not yet know and that have their origin in our consciousness and in its ability to interact with matter.

While the astronomer, the experimental physicist, the engineer and the computer scientist put their hands in their hair in despair – the theoretical physicist comes into play trying to elaborate a non-canonical model, perhaps derived from quantum mechanics.

But he is suddenly (whatever his reputation is) rejected by the academic world and later thrown out or, at best, isolated. Then he is also kicked by religion, and at worst put on a stake by it.

In the end the theoretical physicist, totally alone in this society, goes mad, and perhaps even commits suicide.

At the same time, in parallel, those who practice Magic laugh, walking through the woods, defending an ancient knowledge about an “alternative reality” that cannot be faced by science, because it is based not on a structure, but on an liminal anti-structure.

In the long run magicians, witches and Benandanti understand that they can build a form of technology from this knowledge, namely an automated procedure that is not based on science, but rather on some other basic knowledge.

At that point strange “machines” begin to hover and float in the sky, and to move in a senseless way making a fun of the laws of physics.  Ready to go wherever they need to be summoned.

Meanwhile, structured science continues to make progress in the realm of space and time until a complete (real) understanding of our reality is provided up to discovering a great unified field theory. At that point we have the universe in our hands. The only limitation: we cannot move from the solar system.

And people keep wondering what those strange lights in the sky are. Obviously they do not exist, because simply in this space-time dimension they cannot exist.
Meanwhile, somewhere Mr. Trickster is disarranged by laughter.

Then to our death we discover that the Universe not only exists but works in a strange way where almost all the principles of physics are violated, but where completely different laws are in force. And where existence is an existence different from this, an existence immersed in a non-time and non-space realm. Where using the mind, catching virtual particles from the nothing like when we pick up cherries from a tree here, worlds made of matter are suddenly created, which once detached from the point of origin, a little like a fruit from the tree, lose every point of contact with that point to enter into a completely different domain, where the laws of physics start suddenly to apply (which can be different depending on the type of universe that is created).

Perhaps the Witches, those who live in our space-time realm here and probably on other inhabited planets, know the laws of that dimension of existence, are jealous of it, and manage it without everyone’s knowledge, almost always aimed at good purposes, also because they know that the dimension of Love is the only eternal reality (as they learned from a spiritual woman I know, by the name of Hildegarde.

They feel truly free, they are profoundly happy, they are wise, immersed with their mind in the creative void of the pre-material universe, and at the same time with their feet on the ground enjoying the concrete beauties of nature and remembering and reliving the time of the Druids. They feel a bridge between this world and the other world: a liminal reality without structure but perhaps full of truth and a greatness that no science can quantify. And they can suddenly fly, together.

So… I’m done. I de-mad and return to my comfortable structure made of reassuring mathematical realities. But dreaming does not hurt from time to time. Or maybe dreaming sometimes equates to seeing what the eyes can’t see.  A peek every now and then does not hurt, certainly not to pretend to make of these things a science (which would not be limited to the study of luminous phenomena, which is supposedly the small tip of an immense submerged iceberg) but only to try to catch the true meaning of Life.

References before the madness:
Physics From UFODATA
Instrumented Monitoring of Aerial Anomalies – A Scientific Approach to the Investigation On Anomalous Atmospheric Light Phenomena
Project for a network of automatic stations for UFO monitoring

Reference after the madness:
The Hyperspace of Consciousness

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