CoScienza – Open dialogue between Science and Spirituality
Authors: M. Teodorani  and M. Calcagno
Publishers The Two Towers ISBN # 9788885720282

New Italian language book release

It is more than understandable that certain discoveries have aroused wonder and fascination in non-scientists, and above all triggered metaphysical questions. It certainly inspires the human spirit, generating emotion and amazement, and this has obviously happened to scientists too.

But this in no way justifies having to assign the gratuitous appellation of “quantum” to those that are only metaphysical reflections and not physics itself.

Quantum mechanics is neither metaphysics, nor spirituality, nor emotion, but only calculation.

It is good – indeed it is urgent – that people stop, without being a physicist, to abuse the term “quantum” to justify expectations of a spiritual nature.

Quantum mechanics has undoubtedly opened the doors to a totally new world, but let’s not forget that it has also discovered barriers beyond, which science cannot go. Those who go beyond these barriers are not dealing with quantum mechanics at all, but rather pure spirituality, which has nothing to do with science.

I have the duty to say this in order to protect my colleagues even if many of them are less open minded than me. I also must stress this to protect people in general, including myself.

It is simply not possible in any way to merge science with spirituality.

I may be wrong, but perhaps I have some idea of what impact this co-authored book can have on the general public. I foresee two possible coexistent scenarios. On the one hand the “believers” of the New Age and the conspiracy theorists who may hate this book, as well as the skeptics who without reading the book or at best the back cover only, will judge me for having communicated with a “holistic operator.”

On the other hand it is my hope that the readers, including skeptics will actually ponder this little book and grasp its contents and reasoning. I believe there is enough matter of intellectual stimulation for all readers.

In conclusion, my intent with this book-interview is to educate people to think critically, also when exotic topics are examined and to turn directly only to scientists when they want to know what the word “quantum” means or what quantum mechanics is actually about.

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Italian language video of the two authors discussing their thought provoking new release. Musical score an original piece by Totemtag aka Massimo.