Funding For Science?

The huge costs of our collective imbecility

Some of us are now struggling to obtain an initial funding of 50.000 US$ in order to finance four scientific measurement instruments that we intend to implement for research in a specific branch of physics. Such funding might be sufficient per se to obtain the first physics parameters of extremely interesting phenomena that we are studying since a long time. If such money funding were a factor 20 higher we might totally solve the mystery around certain phenomena on a timescale of the order of 12 months, with a huge fall-out everywhere in physics and in human knowledge in general.

Well, do you know how much a cruise missile costs? It costs about 1.500.000 US$.

Do you know how many of such missiles are available everywhere in the world? At least 20.000 of them are presently available, and at least 5000 of them have been already launched during the last wars. These ones are devices that have been projected for destruction and for killing people. And the other absurdity here is that all of such missiles are destined to be destroyed (due to the use to which they are intended for).

Look, for instance, at this video below (short cruise air-launched JASSM missile) how idiotic mankind has become and how perverse human intelligence has become as well.

1.500.000 US$ used to destroy a truck or a bunker.

NOT 1.500.000 US$ used to highly expand our scientific knowledge and/or to feed millions of mouths.

Aren’t we perversely idiotic?

This must be food for thought.