Anomalous Light Phenomena vs. Bioelectric Brain Activity


“Quantum Mind 2007”, Salzburg (Austria), 17-20 July 2007. Poster Session. Journal of Consciousness Studies, Special Number, pp. 109-110.

Authors Dr. Massimo Teodorani & Gloria Nobili

We present a research proposal concerning the instrumented investigation of anomalous light phenomena that are apparently correlated with particular mind states, such as prayer, meditation or psi. Previous research by these authors (1, 2) demonstrate that such light phenomena can be monitored and measured quite efficiently in areas of the world where they are reported in a recurrent way.

Instruments such as optical equipment for photography and spectroscopy, VLF spectrometers, magnetometers, radar and IR viewers were deployed and used massively in several areas of the world. Results allowed us to develop physical models concerning the structural and time-variable behaviour of light phenomena, and their kinematics. Recent insights and witnesses have suggested to us that a sort of “synchronous connection” seems to exist between plasma-like phenomena and particular mind states of experiencers who seem to trigger a light manifestation which is very similar to the one previously investigated.

The main goal of these authors is now aimed at the search for a concrete “entanglement effect” between the experiencer’s mind and the light phenomena, in such a way that both aspects are intended to be monitored and measured using appropriate instrumentation. In order to reach this task the test subject would be checked by using portable neurophysiologic instruments such as an interactive brain visual analyzer (IBVA), a brain holotester and a skin conductance detector. These measurements are intended to be carried out in optimal simultaneity with a high-resolution digital camera for photometry and photography, a videocamera, a low-resolution holographic grating for spectroscopy, a VLF-ELF computer-assisted spectrometer, a triaxial magnetometer, and a computer controlled random event generator (REG).

At the same time a high-precision timing is intended to be set up in order to check the level of simultaneity of both the brain phenomenon and the light phenomenon, and the temporal and morphologic evolution of both phenomena. In both cases redundant calibrations and background noise extraction procedures are planned. This is a quantitative research project in the field of both photonic/plasma physics and biophysics, and it is based on very well tested previous experimental research on plasma light-phenomena and on a theoretical biophysics background concerning the brain electric activity.

Of most importance, a correlation between VLF-ELF data and bioelectric activity is searched. This group has already at their disposal at least one “test subject” who is very willing to participate to this kind of experiments. The goal of this research project is twofold: a) to verify quantitatively the existence of one very particular kind of mind-matter interaction and to study in real time its physical and biophysical manifestations; b) to repeat the same kind of experiment using the same test-subject in different locations and under various conditions of geomagnetic activity.


1. Nobili G. (2002) “Possible bio-physical interference of the electromagnetic field produced by Hessdalen-like lights with human beings”. Workshop on Future Research on the Hessdalen Project, Hessdalen, August 10, 2002:

Click to access Workshop2002_Gloria_ABSTRACT.pdf

2. Teodorani M. (2004) “A Long-Term Scientific Survey of the Hessdalen Phenomenon”. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 18, 2, 217-251.